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CDL Training

Congratulations on starting your journey to become a licensed Class A or Class B Commercial driver by knowing that it all starts with the proper CDL Training and preparation.

A Truck Driver with proper CDL Training is in high demand across the transportation industry in this country. Whether your are focused on getting your CDL Class A or Class B License  you can be sure that proper CDL Training can make all the difference in finding the right job when all is said and done. Most Truck Drivers are employed through private companies and require the driver to have the proper training as well as posses a Class A or B CDL License.

No matter what part of the country you live in, you can be sure there is a high demand licensed CDL driving professionals, however training and license requirements will vary from State to State so we are here to help guide you to find the proper CDL training for you and the requirements for your state.

CDL License Requirements

The license requirements both Class A and Class B will vary depending on your state. Below use our map and links to find the CDL training and license requirements for your state.

Truck Driving Jobs

truck driving jobs CDL Training for Class A or B LicenseAs mentioned before, the demand for CDL Licensed drivers is very high. As long as you have meet the qualifications and have completed the proper CDL training (and again, training requirements  do vary from state to state depending on your location), you have a great chance to get hired.  According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), there were over three million truck driving jobs in 2008.

CDL Training Schools

Before you can take your test for your CDL License or get a job as a licensed truck driver you will need to enroll in one of the many qualified CDL Training Schools. Almost every state has technical school that can prepare you for every aspect of becoming a licensed truck driver. Most of these schools also over great job placement assistance once you have completed and earned your CDL License. Make sure to choose a CDL Training school that fits your needs, some over morning, afternoon and weekend classes that can help you transition into your career as a licensed CDL Driver.

Federal Driving Regulations

It is important to know what you are prepared for when thinking about becoming a truck driver. Federal regulations limit drivers to working more than 11 cumulative hours in a 14 hour period of time. Between driving times each licensed cdl driver must have a rest period of at least 10 consecutive hours. Drivers that are employed by carriers in a “daily Operation” may not work more than 70 hours within any period of 8 days. Read more on Wikipedia

Types of CDL Licenses

There are three types of CDL Class licenses that you need to be aware of before you start your training for a CDL License. Each license carries certain restrictions that will enabled to driver to operate various vehicles depending on the overall weight of the vehicle as well as the type of substances being hauled and the number of passengers.

Class A CDL - This is the type of CDL license that is needed to drive a vehicle of the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of more than 10,000 pounds. The license is usually required if a driver wants to drive a coach, school bus, or RV. If a driver needs a good paying job where he would not have to be on the job 24 hours per day, he needs this license. This is also a popular license for married truck drivers who are not looking to spend a lot of time away from their families. To get employment as a school bus driver, a driver needs to pass a test in a passenger vehicle fully equipped with different school bus features (signs, lights, etc.).

Class B CDL- This is the type of CDL licenses that is needed for vehicles having a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating in excess of 26,001 pounds. A driver needs this license if he wants a job that requires him to drive trucks such as delivery vans (i.e. UPS, Fedex, and DHL), dump trucks (e.g. gravel, sand, aggregates, mulch and asphalt), cement mixers, garbage/recycling trucks, tow trucks, buses (i.e. chartered, school, tour, Greyhound), small tank trucks (e.g. septic service,  milk transport and industrial chemicals), and trucks for food service (i.e. construction site catering and ice cream). With the license, a driver can also operate a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) that pulls a separate trailer, inasmuch as the combined weight is not more than 26,001 pounds.

Class C CDL- This is the type of CDL license that is needed for driving trailers that are used in carrying dangerous materials. A driver also needs the license for driving big passenger vehicles. In essence, the license is for the vehicles which cannot be classified into the ones for which Class A CDL and Class B CDL are used. If a driver wants a career in the construction industry where different chemicals are carried to the construction site, this is the type of CDL license that he needs to have…

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